The ARA Partners with EstimateScrubber for Estimating Excellence

New estimating tool helps collision centres get fair compensation for their work.

The Automotive Retailers Association (ARA) is thrilled to announce its partnership with EstimateScrubber, introducing a specialized software solution for its Collision Repair Division members. The ARA EstimateScrubber is designed to assist collision repair centres with getting fair compensation for their services while enhancing accuracy and efficiency in their operations.

In the challenging world of collision repair, maintaining accuracy in estimates can be a daunting task, even for the most experienced estimators. The ARA EstimateScrubber addresses this issue by swiftly reviewing estimates for precision, eliminating missed opportunities and overlooked items, and thus helping the collision centre to bill for all services performed.

The ARA EstimateScrubber is directly linked to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia’s (ICBC’s) policies and procedures, which differentiates the tool from others available on the market. Norm Bruneau, the Canadian representative for EstimateScrubber and president of the Automotive Trades Association Manitoba (ATA), explained: “While most generic scrubbers will find your missed opportunities based on various industry standards, the ARA EstimateScrubber will specifically tell you what you missed based on ICBC guidelines,” he said, adding: “If I had to summarize EstimateScrubber’s difference in a few words, I would say that compliance helps the insurance company, the scrubber helps the shops.”

When an estimate is uploaded into EstimateScrubber, the software compares it against the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) rules, identifying potential discrepancies between the estimate and ICBC’s guidelines. While the tool suggests modifications, the final responsibility to update the estimate lies with the estimator.

Additionally, this tool proves advantageous for estimators at all skill levels, from novices to veterans, by clarifying complex rules and reducing the necessity for secondary reviews. Consequently, collision repair centres benefit from more consistent estimates and less scrutiny from the insurance company.

EstimateScrubber is currently used by collision repair centres in Saskatchewan and Manitoba, provinces with a public insurance system. The EstimateScrubber’s effectiveness is highlighted by its high retention rate, which stands at 95%.

Trevor Neudorf, owner of West Perimeter Auto Service and Collision Center in Headingley, Manitoba, commends EstimateScrubber’s ease of use and its effectiveness in ensuring full compensation for claims.  “We ‘scrub’ every estimate that comes through the shop as part of our claims process to ensure we are getting every dollar that MPI [Manitoba Public Insurance] owes to us. We normally save the monthly cost of the scrubber on one or two claims,” he said.

In early 2024, the ARA will introduce this tool to its members in British Columbia. The ARA EstimateScrubber will offer customization options, allowing users to define their rules and monitor shop adoption and efficiency. Included in the annual subscription, shops will have the ability to review as many estimates as requested. In addition to ensuring compliance with ICBC rules, this tool aims to aid in maintaining consistent Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and reducing errors.

The ARA continues to seek innovative solutions and partnerships for the benefit of its members. The integration of the ARA EstimateScrubber into collision repair shops will help enhance skill development and knowledge transfer within the industry, offering a user-friendly interface and constructive feedback for ongoing training and professional growth.

ARA members are invited to try EstimateScrubber with a two-week free trial, without any obligation. Additionally, members of the Certified Collision Repair Program (CCR) can benefit from a discounted subscription rate.

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