The ARA Celebrates the Empowerment of Women in Automotive

The ARA hosted an evening of inspiration and connection to celebrate women’s growing impact in the automotive industry.

Photos: Burhan Osman

On November 23, 2023, the Automotive Retailers Association (ARA) hosted its highly anticipated third annual Women in Automotive Networking Night at the Hilton Vancouver in Burnaby, B.C. The evening served as an important acknowledgment of the continuing and growing impact of women in the automotive industry.

Recognizing the importance of embracing the unique insights and expertise that women contribute to the industry, the ARA launched this event in 2021 to honour women in automotive. The event featured an engaging workshop facilitated by guest speaker Andrea Jacques, co-founder of Kyosei Consulting, and the creator of the Life-Work Integrity coaching program. The evening offered participants the opportunity to explore and celebrate the significant role of women in shaping both the present and the future of the automotive industry.

The event began with a networking hour where attendees could enjoy refreshments and connect and engage with industry peers. After, Dejla Sabanac, industry advisor and project lead for AutoCareersBC, took to the podium, followed by ARA CEO and President Adrian Scovell. Their remarks underscored the important role women play in the automotive sector while emphasizing the ARA’s commitment to supporting and nurturing new talent within the industry.

The event featured an engaging workshop facilitated by guest speaker Andrea Jacques, co-founder of Kyosei Consulting.
ARA CEO and President Adrian Scovell

Next, Andrea Jacques took centre stage and led attendees through an engaging workshop entitled EmpowHERing Your Potential. With over three decades of experience helping individuals and businesses reach their potential, Jacques facilitated an engaging discussion covering a range of topics, including why it’s the right time for women to lead, the winning qualities of feminine leadership, leveraging strengths for professional and personal fulfilment, recognizing contributions made to teams, and amplifying overall impact. Thanks to her insightful content and genuine passion for the subject, Andrea effortlessly created an environment of encouragement and motivation, successfully engaging the audience.

The event highlighted the significant impact of women in the automotive industry, and the ARA, along with its AutoCareersBC program, recognizes women as a vital and untapped talent pool. As labour shortages in the industry grow, events like these become essential in showcasing the importance of women and dismantling any concerns or misunderstandings that may hinder their participation.

A special thank you to all event sponsors, guest speakers, and attendees, both men and women, for their contributions towards making this impactful evening a big success. The ARA continues to champion diversity and inclusion, recognizing that the automotive industry thrives when all voices, including those of women, are not only heard but celebrated.

Nell Wheeler-Mislang from Axalta Coatings shared her insights during the workshop.
The Women in Automotive Networking Night event is inclusive to all.