ICBC Publishes Tip on Refusal Numbers

A recent tip from ICBC reminds auto recyclers and collision repair shops what is the use and requirements of refusal numbers:

A participant must be able to justify their decisions for the use of original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts rather than alternate parts. Some factors that are considered are:

  • Parts availability
  • Shipping
  • Loss of use, and
  • Cycle time

The use of exchange, recycled, or aftermarket parts should be considered on all estimates. When not utilizing an alternative part, participants should be able to support their decision in a QA Assessment, Audit, or Performance Review.

If the part is a pre-priced part, a refusal number will need to be obtained by the listing supplier and documented using the CL14F process.

If the part is a recycled or exchange part a refusal number is not required from the listed supplier. Documentation of the decision is all that is needed. If the reason is part-related, the reason and name of representative should be captured as part of the decision.