ARA Preferred Suppliers—What You Need to Know

The ARA’s Preferred Supplier Program pays off for both members and industry

Through its Preferred Supplier Program, the ARA connects members with industry vendors in a way that benefits everyone. The way it works is the association engages with leading industry vendors and works out an agreement to provide exclusive benefits for ARA members, and, in turn, the ARA promotes and recommends the vendor to its members.

As you know, our members are all businesses. Every supplier is different with unique terms and products, but they all offer both a benefit to our members and a benefit to the ARA. Some offer a percentage discount to ARA members while others offer preferential rates or additional products and services. As for the benefit to the ARA, this is less important to us, but here too it varies. Some partners support the ARA through event sponsorships or advertising in its publications and others provide a percentage of sales back to the ARA to be used on your behalf.

How to Become the ARA’s Preferred Supplier

The ARA requires that any company interested in becoming a preferred supplier provide us with a proposal stating the benefits they can provide our members and the ARA. We don’t dictate to any vendor what they should offer.

For its part, the ARA will endorse the company exclusively as the preferred provider of its products and services, and it will promote the company in its internal member communications and social media. The ARA will also provide the company with its membership contact details.

We have found that mingling with our members helps familiarize them with a vendor’s name.

If you are interested in the ARA’s Preferred Supplier Program, the first step would be to reach out to the ARA’s controller, Ibrahim Ibrahim, at

Why Choose the ARA’s Preferred Suppliers

Take advantage of the buying power of your association. The ARA’s preferred suppliers offer members exclusive discounts on their products and services. Here are some of the main benefits of choosing our preferred suppliers:

  • Reduced cost—A preferred supplier program makes it easier to negotiate advantageous pricing and improve payment terms.
  • Improved quality of service—Preferred suppliers better understand your business due to the more intimate nature of your relationship, which means they’ll be better placed to meet (and exceed) your expectations.
  • Communication is more straightforward—When problems arise it is much easier to communicate because you have a history of working together.
  • Lower risk—A preferred supplier program is an important way to mitigate risk. You know these suppliers are compliant and will adhere to regulations. An increased level of trust and reliability means your business can benefit.
  • Better contractual terms—Both buyer and supplier benefit from a preferred supplier program.
  • Increased efficiency—Buyers across your organization will find it quicker and easier to do business with preferred suppliers.
  • Improved consistency—By definition, preferred suppliers should be as loyal to you as you are to them. They will prioritize your business and deliver a consistently high-quality service. This means you won’t be required to switch vendors quite so frequently.
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