An Open Letter to the Auto Glass Industry

From Adrian Scovell, ARA president and CEO: I would like to respond to concerns expressed by some members of the auto glass industry with regard to an apparent abuse of ICBC’s supplier discounts policy.

I realize this has taken time, however, I assure you it has not been ignored. The ARA had been patiently working with ICBC and we did anticipate a swifter resolution. The situation escalated and has caused more concern.

The ARA has been in discussions with ICBC senior executive and recognizing the seriousness of the situation, we have patiently worked with ICBC to see this issue resolved in fairness to those parties involved. Although the initial response issued by ICBC [February 12] did not provide specifics as to its opinion or clarity of the issues, we have continued to have dialogue. We have been very clear that this issue will not be allowed to stand, as it clearly violates the agreements in place with service providers. We have worked collaboratively with ICBC in the hope that, through a more consultative and non-confrontational manner, ICBC would understand the seriousness for which industry takes any potential breach, in particular when it could give a competitive advantage to a chosen business.

By staying in contact while making our members’ anger clear we are able to work toward a solution and maintain communication. A threat of legal action, created outside of the ARA, resulted in ICBC needing to take a more protected response to this situation. As I am sure any of you know, if legal action is on the table then you should stop any open comment no matter what the intent. However, we have continued to talk with ICBC to ensure the severity of the effects on our members is clearly understood as is their expectation that this be resolved speedily.

We are confident that there will be a solution very soon. It is our expectation that ICBC will communicate as much as it is able to as it must respect the confidential nature of its working agreement.

We remain in contact with ICBC and are strongly representing our members.

Adrian Scovell
President, CEO
Automotive Retailers Association