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Here is a list of recent news articles about the ARA.

Ensuring Sustainability with Performance Group

On November 28, the ARA hosted an introduction meeting for participants wishing to take place in an upcoming performance group. The performance group, managed by AutoHouse Technologies, Color Compass, and BASF, will help shops better measure, monitor, enable, and influence …read more »

Labour Market Survey Results

In late July, Collision Division Advisor David Ribeiro sent out a survey to industry asking body shops to participate in a 23 question “Labour Market” survey. The results capture the current environment in British Columbia related to: labour market salaries …read more »

ICBC Builds Deeper Understanding and Appreciation for Towing Industry

It sounds easy—just hitch up and go—but there’s a lot more to the towing industry than meets the eye.  Over the years, vehicles have become a lot more complex and towing practices have had to evolve as well. Recently, Kathy …read more »

National Day of Remembrance for Road Crash Victims

by Nicole Edgington, RoadSafetyBC In British Columbia, the third Wednesday each November is a day to remember those who have been killed or injured in often preventable road crashes, and the loved ones left to cope with sudden and unexpected loss …read more »

First-Ever B.C. Apprenticeship Recognition Month

The government of British Columbia has proclaimed November 2019 as the first-ever Apprenticeship Recognition Month, highlighting the value of apprentices and those who support their success. It is also a great occasion to acknowledge the contribution of skilled tradespeople to …read more »

A Letter to the Auto Glass Division

Dear Members of the Auto Glass Division, It is with mixed feelings that I announce that I have left the ARA to pursue a new opportunity. It has been an honour and a privilege to be your association representative and …read more »

ARA and AutoHouse Technologies to Launch Performance Group

With the new ICBC Collision Repair program rolling out soon, there will be added focus on shop performance with respect to attaining Tier One status. Shop owners and managers will need to understand how to improve operational performance and factor in …read more »

ICBC Helps Improve Vehicle Impoundment Process

By Ken Hendricks, industry relations advisor, towing and recovery The Towing and Recovery Division has long been advocating for improvements to the burdensome process of disposing unclaimed impounded vehicles. After a serendipitous meeting with Kathy Parslow, ICBC vice president, material …read more »

Clarification Over Former Minister’s Promise of Training Centre

In 2015, Todd Stone, then the minister responsible for ICBC, surprised the ARA by announcing in a speech that he would direct ICBC to transfer their training centre over to the ARA. The intention was for the ARA to develop the …read more »

An AGM of Firsts

This year’s AGM was one of the best ever with the highest attendance in recent years. Part of making this one the best was all the firsts. It was the first time the event was held at Spirit Ridge Resort …read more »

Adesa Auction Raises $17,200 for ARFI

The 2019 ARA AGM was one of the best ever and of the many highlights, the auction hosted by Adesa on Saturday night really stood out. Not only did the auction raise money for the Automotive Retailers Foundation Inc. (ARFI), …read more »

Engaging Men in the Equality Conversation

The automotive industry is facing one of its worst crises yet—labour shortages. In the next ten years, 71,000 skilled trade jobs are expected to open up in British Columbia and as of right now, there are not enough trained workers …read more »

ARA’s Show and Shine Reflects 90 Years of Automotive History

The first annual ARA Show and Shine was a feast for car enthusiasts’ eyes with over two dozen vehicles on display. Attendees admired a variety of entries—from classics to the latest in automobile progress. The event was held in conjunction …read more »

New Collision Repair Diagnostic Technician Program Offered this Fall

Repairs and diagnostics go way beyond just body panels and structural components these days. With the advent of computerized components in newer vehicles comes an entirely new set of systems that collision repair technicians have to know how to fix. …read more »

ARA Reaches Closure on ICBC Competition Bureau Issue

All things worth having are worth fighting for and the ARA has done a lot of fighting. After eight years, over $250,000 dollars in related costs, endless hours, and many lost opportunities, the ARA now has closure regarding the opinion …read more »