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Here is a list of recent news articles about the ARA.

Best AGM in Recent History

The 2018 ARA AGM was the best AGM in recent history, both on attendance and accomplishments celebrated All eight ARA divisions were well represented as members congregated in Whistler B.C. for the 2018 Annual General Meeting and convention in September. …read more »

ICBC Agrees to Pause Best Price Policy

After a series of meetings with government representatives and ICBC senior management, last week ICBC and the glass industry took a step towards a better relationship. As part of the ARA’s ongoing advocacy efforts to improve the environment under which …read more »

ICBC Policy changes on Glass – We are stronger together!

In light of ICBC’s recent communication to industry regarding changes to pricing and other policy changes and the serious consequences these actions will have on your business. We are asking each business to e-mail their MLA. In the email, ask …read more »

The ARA stands with the Collision Repair Division

The ARA works tirelessly on behalf of its members and divisions to defend and represent their best interest. The collision division industry can no longer tolerate increase on costs of operation and the ARA has taken position to defend the …read more »

Blue Lights for Tow Trucks

ARA Position Paper 2018-01-02 Allow Tow Truck Operators in BC the Option to Equip Tow Trucks with Blue and White Flashing Lamps in Addition to Amber The Issue: Towing and recovery is a high risk industry sector characterized by a …read more »

2018 Foundation Awards

  IN MEMORY OF THOSE WHO REMEMBER WHERE THEY CAME FROM Bob Clarke served the ARA for many years. He was tireless in working to build a viable automotive industry in B.C. He was, to many, the one who helped …read more »

Automotive Retailers Publishing offering marketing communications expertise to ARA members

We Can Help Promote Your Business Automotive Retailers Publishing (ARP) is now offering our marketing communications expertise to ARA members. We provide print and online publication services specifically for the automotive retailer, including graphic design, copywriting, and production. Allow our …read more »

Exclusive discount for ARA Members on RPM Training

During the Lordco Show at the Pacific National Exhibition on April 9th and 10th that Automotive Retailers Association in partnership with the Results Performance Mastery (Murray Voth) will offer an exclusive discount for our members on the following training   …read more »

Association supports government tracking of luxury car cash purchases

        Vancouver, B.C. (February 27, 2018) – The president of the 1,000-member Automotive Retailers Association (ARA), representing British Columbia’s aftermarket automotive sales and repair business, supports government tracking of cash purchases of luxury and super cars while …read more »

Become a Green Garage

The ARA’s Green Garage Program is a self-certification award program designed specifically for shop owners and managers that not only care about the environment, but who also wish to become recognized as responsible environmental stewards in their local communities. By becoming a Green …read more »

Jump Start – Newsletter

Hello Mechanical Industry, Click on the download button and check out the 2nd edition of the Newsletter “Jump Start” developed specifically for the mechanical industry. You will find important information such as feedback received from shops throughout BC, Industry Tips, …read more »

Monthly Video Updates

Beginning with the March 2018 editions, the ARA now provides members with monthly updates on the key activities of the Association and its eight Divisions. ARA President & CEO, Ken McCormack, will deliver updates regarding the ARA in general in …read more »

Press Conference January 31, 2018

The ARA held a press conference on January 31, 2018 to provide input in response to recent news about ICBC’s financial losses. ARA President & CEO, Ken McCormack, spoke to reporters from most of the major news media outlets, explaining …read more »

Joint Industry Review: MNP Report

The following is the final report by MNP resulting from the Joint Industry Review, originally published in November, 2016 (PDF): Joint Industry Review Final Report, November 2016

Development pressures and soaring city taxes forces iconic auto repair shop’s move out of Vancouver

The Tremblay family servicing cars in Vancouver dates back 90 years. Alfred Tremblay, known as ‘Chief’, and his brother Alex opened their first auto repair service garage on downtown Keefer Street in 1928. The brothers were successful and started Alex’s …read more »