ICBC Announces a New Compensation Package for Glass & Collision Repair

The Automotive Retailers Association (ARA) is disappointed in today’s announcement by ICBC to maintain the status quo regarding compensation increases to the glass & collision sectors of the automotive industry. The ARA has a long history of campaigning for systemic changes to compensation in the industry and finds this decision unsatisfactory in moving our industry forward.

While on the surface a 9 percent increase over three years appears an attractive and comprehensive compensation increase for most industries, we believe that this rate schedule announcement by the ICBC retains the status quo. Coupled with this year’s 6.7 percent inflation increase, this leaves the glass and collision industry even further behind. Furthermore, this announcement fails to address issues that we at the ARA have raised over the years, and this shortfall of tangible change continues to suppress rates.

However, the ARA continues to represent this industry and works closely with the government to find fair and reasonable compensation. We strongly encourage industry professionals to contact their industry advisor and communicate the concerns they may have. On June 10 and 11, the ARA will be hosting its 2022 Glass & Collision Trade show. At the trade show, we will provide more detail about what we have been doing to help take control back in our industry. This also provides a great opportunity for attendees to network with peers, discuss concerns, and generate ideas to move the glass and collision sector forward.

With the decision rendered by ICBC, what becomes clear is that without proper compensation, our industry will be challenged to invest in technicians, technology, training, and growth.

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