How to Add Your Link to the ARA Website (for existing members) - Automotive Retailers Association

How to Add Your Link to the ARA Website (for existing members)

This service is available to current ARA members only. In exchange for being included in the ARA’s Member Links section, you agree to link back to the ARA website using an approved ARA logo on your website. See below for approved ARA logo images and instructions.

1. Submit your logo and URL:

Your company’s logo or banner image can be up to a maximum of 400 pixels wide. If your image is larger, we can resize it for you. Send your logo or banner image file by email to

Please include the URL of the website you’d like it to link to in the body of the email message.

2. Linking to the ARA website with an approved ARA logo image:

You may not alter the ARA logo in any way (size, colour, added text, etc.) and the white space around it must remain intact. Use one of the following approved logos only (right-click, Copy or Save as).




Hyperlink the ARA logo image to


When you have completed adding the ARA logo and link to your website, notify us using the email address above. Once we have visited your website and approved the placement of our logo and verified that it links to the ARA website properly, your logo will be added to the Member Links section of our website. If you have any questions, please contact Megan at the email address above.