Group Benefits FAQ


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Q. Why offer a Long Term Disability (LTD) benefit?

Q. I have Workers’ Compensation. Why do I need Long Term Disability?

Q. Must I give the same benefits to everyone?

Q. Do I need Short-Term Disability if I have E.I.?

Q. Doesn’t Fair Pharmacare already cover prescriptions?

Q. How do I know what Plan is right for me and how does the ARA Plan compare to other Plans?

A. As an ARA member you are entitled to a free no-obligation review and consultation. A licensed Insurance Agent representing the ARA is available to you. Simply contact the ARA and ask to have an agent contact you. It is part of your membership and well worth taking advantage of.

Q. How can the ARA offer rates lower and more stable than that of other Group Plans?

A. The ARA is a not-for-profit association. It is your association. We can operate on much lower margins than companies relying on insurance premiums for 100% of their revenue. The plan is designed to help its members save costs, support industry, and keep those working in our industry healthy.

Q. Is the ARA an insurance company?

A. No, we are not an insurance company. The ARA Group Benefits Division administers an exclusive group benefits package offered to ARA members only. Our administrators work on behalf of you, the plan member, not an insurance company. We ensure you are properly assessed and given the benefits you are entitled to.

Q. Can I change to the ARA Plan at any time or only when my existing plan expires?

A. You can switch at any time. In fact we will take care of all the paperwork including notification to your existing insurance company. The process is seamless to you with no interruption in service coverage.

Q. What information do you need?

A. If you already have a plan, a copy of your last benefits billing. If not, we’d need basic information for each employee such as name, age, gender, marital status, number of dependents, etc. Your ARA Insurance Agent and Plan Administrators will walk you through the process…it’s painless.

Q. If I am on the ARA Plan, what are my options upon leaving my employment (termination, retirement, etc.)?

A. There may be options for you. Click here for details.