What Is New with Collision Repair Programs in B.C.

With the Canadian Collision Industry Accreditation Program (CCIAP) shutting down its program, the collision repair industry can be assured that the ARA’s Certified Collision Repair (CCR) program, which accounts for approximately 50 percent of the entire national program members, continues.

In 2017, the ARA announced its partnership with the Canadian Collision Industry Accreditation Program (CCIAP). However, the process had started well before then, as the ARA had already begun developing its Certified Collision Repair (CCR) program in 2014, which was publicly announced at CCIF Vancouver in 2016. The goal was to ensure that shops were asked to perform to the same standard regardless of where they were situated in Canada. Today, our program continues to promote the required equipment, infrastructure, and training required to keep shops at the leading edge of this dynamic industry. 

With the announcement of CCIAP’s intention to shut down its program, some in the collision repair industry may be unsettled; however, I want to assure you that the ARA’s Certified Collision Repair (CCR) program, accounting for approximately 50 percent of the entire national program members, continues to go strong. 

The CCR program offers an alternative to OEM directive programs and, when exploring the details of the OEM certifications, I see little to no benefit for CCIAP shops to join the Certified Collision Care (CCC) program as referenced by the Automotive Industries Association of Canada (AIA). This article outlines the comparison between the CCR and the CCC programs; I encourage you to read it. 

There are two fundamentals that CCR promotes 

1. The industry’s ability to limit OEM control over the industry (OEM certifications come with stringent rules around parts, repair process, and equipment needs). “Let’s gain back control of our industry!” 

2. Your ability to repair “all brands” of vehicles (OEM certifications can lead some customers to avoid shops that do not list their brand of vehicle). 

The CCR program continues to receive support from Economical Insurance, which recognizes the importance of industry making repair and part decisions. To this end, Economical continues to offer its rate differential to facilities that have contractual agreements with Economical Insurance. The program continues to meet the Saskatchewan Government Insurance (SGI) and ICBC program criteria. 

Why choose ARA’s Certified Collision Repair Program?

Save money – ARA members pay only $800 plus tax per year, which makes the ARA’s Certified Collision Repair Program the most affordable option on the market when compared to CCC. 

Be recognized with the best – Demonstrate that your facility is qualified, competent, and has all the necessary infrastructure and training to repair today’s complex vehicles accurately and safely. By meeting OEM and ICBC program requirements, you will provide your customers and stakeholders with confidence that your business is qualified and competent to perform safe and accurate repairs.

Favour convenience – The Certified Collision Repair program incorporates a provincial rotation of audits. If not in line with your schedule, the ARA is capable of conducting a virtual audit to meet the ICBC requirements and will coordinate an in-person audit later to maintain program integrity.

For More Information, visit the CCR Page on the ARA Certification Website »