Changes to the RoadSafetyBC ILO Program

The ARA is pleased to announce new changes to the RSBC ILO program. These changes follow last months announcements to the ILO rate categories .We continue to represent our members and work with Government toward a completely revised ILO program.

On June 1, 2024, RoadSafetyBC will implement two procedural changes to improve the Impound Lot Operator Program:

1) Discontinuation of the Order for Release for Vehicles Impounded for 30 and 60 Days

• Impound lot operators will no longer require an Order of Release to release a vehicle to a registered owner after the expiry of the impoundment period.

• If a person other than the authorized owner wishes to collect an impounded vehicle on the registered owner’s behalf, the authorized person must present an Owner’s Authorization form issued by the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia to the impound lot operator.

2) Discontinuation of the Statutory Declaration associated with Disposals and Refuse to Issue Applications

• Impound lot operators will no longer require a statutory declaration on Applications for Disposal and Applications for Refuse to Issue to be processed by RoadSafetyBC.

• Application for Disposal and Application for Refuse to Issue forms will be available for impound lot operators to access on the RoadSafetyBC Information for Impound Lot Operator webpage when the change goes into effect and may be emailed directly to the Impound Lot Operator Program 

• If an impound lot operator does not have access to reliable internet, the Insurance Corporation of BC may fax the form to the Impound Lot Operator Program on behalf of the impound lot operator. 

Note: There may be a delay to the Motor Vehicle Act update on the BC Laws website; please refer to RoadSafetyBC website for up-to-date rate information.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact Erin Walsh, Senior Manager, Program Design, at 778-698-5203.