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Certified Auto Recyclers achieve their designation after their existing management team and employees complete a series of online courses modules. Each course module focuses on a specific aspect of the automotive recycling supply chain. These modules are designed to educate employees on industry best practices and expectations. The three course modules are as follows:

Dismantler Orientation – This module contains four sections:

  • Environmental Processing.
  • Body Parts and Interior Dismantling.
  • Mechanical Parts Dismantling.
  • Work Orders, Storage and Cleaning, Sectioning and Shipping.

Inventory Management and Parts-Grading – The module contains several sections, including the following:

  • Understanding the 2012 ARA Parts Definition Standards.
  • Understanding the ARA Damage Code.
  • Understanding and Identifying A, B, & C Parts-Grading.
  • Understanding the Importance of Good Inventory Management.

Standards of Performance – This module is designed for employees who are involved in managing and selling parts, or communicating and reconciling parts orders with repair facilities. The course will focus on the current standards and expectations (as detailed in the ICBC MD Manual) for both the Certified Auto Recycler and the repair facilities with which they do business.

Performance Evaluation

All Certified Auto Recyclers complete a performance evaluation following their training. The performance evaluation consists of two components – an initial self-evaluation, and an external evaluation. The evaluation will consist of a detailed facility inspection and employee performance evaluations. External evaluations will be conducted on a schedule to be determined.

The following ARA Certified Recycler Guidebook provides instructions about the completing the evaluation. The initial self-evaluation must be submitted to the ARA no later than six months from the date of training registration. All subsequent self-evaluations must be submitted according to the program schedule. Completed evaluations along with any completed corrective actions can be emailed to

Click here to download the ARA Certified Recycler Guidebook.

Click here to download the fillable evaluation forms.

Certification Review

Corrective Actions

Corrective actions may include a broad range of options in order to remedy any non-compliance of standards. For example, a Certified Auto Recycler may need to review the standard in question with an employee and/or manager. That employee or manager may need to retake the required training. In other cases, a Certified Auto Recycler may need to implement a new system in order to remain compliant with the standard. Corrective action forms are available below and can be emailed to

Click here to download a fillable corrective action form.


Certified Auto Recyclers who earn a score of less than 60 percent on their first external evaluation will fail the evaluation and lose their certification. After each evaluation, the benchmark for passing an evaluation is raised. As Certified Auto Recyclers take corrective action to improve their scores, the overall standards for Certified Auto Recyclers will elevate.

Certified Auto Recyclers who are de-certified have two options:

  • Dispute the de-certification. To dispute the de-certification, the Certified Auto Recycler must provide evidence that their failing score was not warranted and must demonstrate where the evaluator has erred. The ARA and the Certified Recycler program’s Certification Advisory Committee will review the evidence and make a final decision.
  • Re-apply for certification. To re-apply for certification, the Certified Auto Recycler must submit a plan to the ARA that outlines the steps taken to remedy the corrective actions and then be re-evaluated. Certification will be awarded once the Certified Auto Recycler has passed the re-evaluation.

Click here to download a review request form.



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