Q. How do I make an insurance claim? Is it hard, does it take time to get a decision?

A. Our staff is familiar with all insurers, we make the claim process easy and in most cases, your claim is created immediately.

Q. Aren’t all windshield replacements the same?

A. Hidden damage, improperly prepared metal, misuse of adhesives, substandard glass are factors that compromise both your safety and the integrity of your vehicle. “Certified” shops guarantee your vehicle has been repaired to OEM specs.

Q. Why should I have an ARA certified auto glass service provider install my glass?

A. Correct parts and installation is critical. 30% of a vehicle’s structural integrity is dependent upon the windshield. Your vehicle will only perform correctly if it meets original factory specification.

Q. Aren’t all provincially certified technicians the same?

A. While most technicians should hold the same credentials, many use out dated procedures and materials. Our program ensures technicians use the latest practices through on-going education requirements.

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