Benefits of Membership


Support the industry that supports you!

The true benefit of membership is membership itself. You make your living in the B.C. automotive industry. The healthier the industry, the better your chances for success. More about that later on this page, but first, let’s talk about saving money…

Return on your investment

The ARA acts as a buyers’ group. We have negotiated special rates with suppliers that our members can benefit from. In fact, for many members the savings add up to much more than their membership dues. If you use any of the following products and services, chances are you can save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars by being an ARA member.

  • Employee Benefits Program (health, life, disability)
  • Business & Home Insurance
  • Group RRSP Plan
  • Visa & MasterCard Transaction Processing Service
  • Subscriptions to ARA Publications
  • Stationery & Office supplies – choose from over 14,000 products and save up to 65%
  • Coffee and tea service – preferred prices for ARA members province-wide
  • Uniforms, coveralls & work wear – deep discounts with special ARA program rates, province-wide
  • Collection services
  • Fuel cards
  • Gift & promotional items
  • Forms & printing services

…and we’re adding more all the time!

Industry Advocacy – Your Voice Heard

The health of the B.C. automotive industry depends on your best interest being represented. ARA membership strengthens your voice, uniting it with your peers to ensure it’s heard by those that matter – those that can influence the business climate. Even if you don’t have the time to be actively involved, just by being a member you are supporting the Association’s activities and contributing toward making our industry stronger.


The ARA is a hub that allows you to connect with people that matter to your business, from industry colleagues to other associations, training providers, and governing bodies. You can learn from your peers, and share information on business practices. We host regular conferences, social events and even golf tournaments too. See the ARA events calendar for more details (located in the member section of the website).

Group Benefits

The ARA Group Benefits Plan provides excellent health, dental, disability and life coverage for you and your staff. It’s also a great employee retention tool. With over 5,000 members, the ARA Group Benefits Plan allows small business to secure coverage usually only available to larger corporations. The ARA administers the Plan, working for its members rather than the insurance company.

Training and Education

Access a range of training and education programs through the ARA, in association with industry providers.

Sales & Promotional Services

Some of the promotional benefits and services enjoyed by our members include:

  • Advertising in ARA Publications
  • Inclusion in our ‘Member Services Guide’ and online ‘Find A Member’ service
  • Access to our Web Site Link Program, enabling website links between your business sites and others
  • Assistance with Point of Sale (POS) promotional materials
  • Assistance with website design, search engine optimization and online marketing


The ARA also offers its members access to a range of cost-effective, handy business services. Popular examples include:

  • License & Lien Searches, Lien Registrations
  • ICBC Damage Checks
  • Car Proof Service
  • Collection Services
  • Technical Bulletins & Updates
  • Forms, Signage
  • Air Conditioning Service Decals (eg. Service Record for Non ODS System)

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