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Public Relations / Member Engagement
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Women and Diversity Event a Success!

Traditionally there is a stereotype for mechanics working in the automotive industry, a stereotype the ARA is working to change.

To make this change, the ARA advocates for training and certification within the automotive service industry and also diversity and equality. Thus on June 27, the ARA hosted the first-ever Women and Diversity in the Automotive and Powersports Industry event.

The event opened the discussion on how to engage and welcome women into the industry and how to promote diversity on all levels. It invited everyone—from shop owners and technicians to instructors and executives—to share their experiences working in the industry and make suggestions on what can be done better to encourage inclusivity.

“Our goal is to create a network that women already in the industry and those looking to get into it can be a part of,” said Dejla Sabanac, industry relations advisor. “We want to celebrate women and empower positive success and inclusivity of all.”

Plenty of positive feedback means this event will be the first of many to come. In a time when the automotive industry struggles to acquire and retain a reliable workforce, the ARA plans to continue building a network for women wanting to pursue a career in automotive and powersports. For more information on how to get involved, please contact