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What to Do if Employee Refuses to Come Back to Work

Monica Danielson

COVID-19 has created many challenges to how business is done and while the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) was an important part of helping Canadians through this crisis, it has also posed an obstacle to getting employees to return to work.

If the business has addressed employees’ health and safety concerns and filled out a COVID-19 Safety plan, and the employee still doesn’t feel comfortable returning to work, this can cause labour shortage problems. Can you force them back to work? Can you terminate? Can you hire someone else to fill the gap while that employee stays at home? These are a few of the many concerns we have heard from our members.

To address your concerns, the ARA reached out to Peninsula, an HR consulting company that specializes in helping small businesses with employment advice. As a result, ARA members can contact Monica Danielson for a one-time free consultation (one hour). Monica can talk with you one-on-one to do her best to answer all your employment questions. She can help you come up with a safety plan, if you haven’t already, and/or talk you through the next steps if an employee is still refusing to come back to work.

Reach out to her:

Monica Danielson
(250) 516-5117

She’s here to help and so is the ARA. If you have questions, concerns, or suggestions, please email We are your association and we are here for you.