Update to the Challenge Pathway Requirement for ITA Automotive Glass Technician Ticket

The Automotive Retailers Association (ARA) and the Industry Training Authority (ITA) have partnered to deliver the new Automotive Glass Technician challenge pathway. At the request of industry, beginning September 1, 2017, all trade qualifiers need to submit proof of successful completion of an industry-based practical assessment to the ITA before their “challenge” application can be processed. The practical assessment will be administered and delivered by the ARA.

What you need to know:

How to apply: Complete the practical assessment application, download fillable PDF copy here, print, and return it to ARA.

Mail to:
Unit 1, 8980 Fraserwood Court,
Burnaby, BC V5J 5H7
Attention: Auto Glass Technical Challenge

or      Email: agd@ara.bc.ca


Option A: Assessment will be scheduled within 90 Days = $750.00 & GST.

Option B: Assessments scheduled within 30 days may be subject to additional costs $750.00 & GST & related expenses required to expedite assessment.

UPDATE: Note – Unsuccessful challengers must wait 3 months to re-apply.

Assessment requirements (to be supplied by challenger):

  1. A suitable working area (indoors with controlled environment)
  2. A vehicle with a urethane bonded windshield
  3. All necessary tools and products needed to repair and replace a windshield (including windshield) – same windshield can be used for both repair and replacement

Note – Challenger must present photo ID to Evaluator before assessment will take place

Practical assessment criteria:

  1. Installation competency will be based on the following:
    1. Issues specific to vehicle are identified and checked i.e. rain sensor
    2. Vehicle and employee properly protected throughout
    3. Competent use of tools
    4. All parts removed carefully
    5. Vehicle pinch weld prepared correctly
    6. Adhesive system used in accordance with manufacturers recommendations
    7. Shop processes have been developed to managed adhesive requirements
    8. Parts replaced properly and with care
  1. Chip Repair competency will be based on the following:
    1. Vehicle and employee properly protected throughout
    2. Must be able to identify type of break and issues related to repairing i.e. moisture, temp
    3. Repair apparatus used in accordance with manufactures recommendation
    4. Resins used in accordance with manufacturers recommendations
    5. Repair finished properly
  1. Technicians may either explain what they are doing throughout the repair / replacement process or may be asked questions throughout to ensure technician has knowledge of process and product usage requirements

Note – we have identified certain steps within the installation and chip repair processes that if missed or ignored will render the challenge unsuccessful (as they compromise the integrity of the install or chip repair). While results of the evaluation will be shared with the challenger, this assessment is meant to benchmark competency and is not a training program.

For the ITA program change announcement see: http://www.itabc.ca/sites/default/files/docs/OPSN-2017-015-Auto-Glass-Challenge-Pathway.pdf

Applicants will be contacted after application is received to review challenger requirements, arrange fee payment and schedule the assessment.

For additional information please contact: agd@ara.bc.ca