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Three Reasons for Compulsory Trade Certification

As industry looks for solutions to the many challenges faced by the automotive industry, it’s time to consider the benefits of Compulsory Trade Certification:

  1. Elevates Professionalism
  2. Improves Safety
  3. Better for business

Elevating Professionalism

There is a perception held by some consumers that the automotive industry is a dirty trade. But the best shops out there have worked hard to improve this image by investing in training, tools, and technology. As technology advances in modern vehicles, industry has advanced with it. Today’s automotive technicians must be highly skilled at repairing complex systems and repair facilities must have all required equipment to correctly and safely perform a repair. “Grease monkeys” are a stereotype of the past.

Compulsory Trade Certification shows consumers that the automotive industry takes itself seriously, and thus so should the consumer. It shows that industry is aware of the responsibility the technician takes on every time they work on a vehicle. For if the technician is not trained, and performs a repair incorrectly, they risk injury or death to the driver of that vehicle. Compulsory Trade Certification elevates professionalism by validating the status of an automotive technician and proving it is a career with pursuing.

Improving Safety

Every time a vehicle leaves a shop, there is a chance that the repair performed was done so incorrectly, and thus could fail. If this happens when the driver of that vehicle is doing 120 km/h on the Coquihalla, at best the shop faces a lawsuit; at worst, the driver’s death. What if the repair was done correctly, but the ADAS sensors were not properly recalibrated and the advanced driver assistant systems the driver relies on fail?

Most manufacturers now have certification programs and issue position statements to protect them from liability in the event something goes wrong on the road. This protection may not extend to the shop if the repair was not up to OEM standards. Compulsory Trade Certification is industry’s protection against liability by ensuring every technician working on vehicles in B.C. is qualified to do so.

Bettering Business

It is no secret that much of the repair work that used to go to independent shops is now going to the dealers who sold the consumer the car. This is because people tend to go to big brand names as it inspires trust. Compulsory Trade Certification is a way of proving to the consumer that they can trust the automotive industry to safely and properly repair their vehicle. Trust in a product and service inspires a repeat visit and, as independents are known for addressing individual needs and offering the best in customer service, this means you will have a repeat customer.

The ARA believes that Compulsory Trade Certification benefits the industry by elevating professionalism, ensuring the safety of technicians and customers, and improving the profitability of a business. We are advocating on your behalf as we continue to drive industry excellence. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please email: