Special Resolution to be Presented at 2017 AGM - Automotive Retailers Association

Special Resolution to be Presented at 2017 AGM

Any time the ARA wishes to make changes to its Bylaws, it must seek approval front eh ARA Membership at the ARA AGM. This year, the ARA wishes to make one change to its Bylaws.

The Board has considered that for many years, ARA Board Member and Executive Chairperson received credit for their annual membership dues. The purpose has always been to serve as a benefit to volunteers who dedicate so much of their time on a volunteer basis to the organization. The ARA Governance Committee recently reviewed the ARA Bylaws and del that the ARA Board should consider removing this benefit. The ARA Board agreed, commenting that the dues credit would make no difference to their decision to volunteer, and should not be a determining factor for others who may wish to serve in the future.

Please be advised that the following special resolution will be presented to the membership at the 2017 ARA Annual General Meeting for a vote.

Resolution No. 1

THAT, as a special resolution, the Bylaws of the Automotive Retailers Association be amended:

  1. By deleting in its entirety bylaw I.11, which reads currently as follows:

“All elected Executive Officers and Division chairpersons, or the member business they represent, shall receive credit equal to one year’s single active membership dues towards their annual Association dues for any full year upon which they serve as an Executive Officer or Division chairperson. This amount shall be credited at the beginning of any dues year, and shall be pro-rated. Should any Executive Officers or Division chairperson, cease to serve at any given point during a dues year, dues will become payable for the remaining portion of that dues year.”