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Perform Better by Utilizing Your Data

Repairing vehicles in accordance with manufacturer specifications is increasingly difficult without investing in proper training, tools, and technology. To help collision repair shops find the right balance for increasing their performance, the ARA partnered with AutoHouse Technologies to host an informative webinar. (The recorded webinar is available at

Mike Gilliland and Rebecca Fyfe of AutoHouse Technologies presented results from an industry benchmark created by their company to better understand how auto repair facilities in B.C. perform in comparison with other western provinces. The full benchmark results can be found here.

The benchmark evaluates the performance of Canadian collision repair facilities through key indicators such as average repair severity, labour hours, and average cycle time or touch time. These are important tools to determine how efficiently repairs are processed, and thus help to define which aspects the business should focus on to maximize its profit.

The ARA encourages all collision repair members to take part in the benchmark to help elevate the industry. For those who participate, AutoHouse Technologies will be providing a free segment analysis and pulse dashboard, a real-time display of vital business metrics. Contact AutoHouse Technologies at to request segment analysis or ARA pulse dashboard, or visit to learn more about benchmark participation.

For those who want to improve their facility’s performance, it is critical to recognize the value of data; only then can you make an informed decision about the future of your business. The easiest way to get this valuable data is by efficiently tracking front and back shop’s processes using an electronic management system.

As Sharon Ashley of Bodyshop Connect, Woody Fic of ImEX Systems, and John Bedard of Mitchell Repair Center demonstrated during the webinar, automated management systems help businesses schedule repairs more effectively, maximize a shop’s capacity, and improve communication. When the automated management system is utilized correctly, businesses are able to deliver extra jobs on the same overhead, and thus increase their revenue.

If your shop isn’t using an electronic management system to track repair time, labour, material, and parts cost, or is not maximizing your current electronic system, consider contacting one of the panelists for more information on how to improve your shop’s performance:

Sharon Ashley of Bodyshop

Woody Fic of ImEX

John Bedard of Mitchell

The ARA thanks all panelists and members for participating in the webinar. For upcoming webinars and other ARA events, please visit or reach out to To access our FREE recorded webinars, visit