New Logo Announced at ARA AGM - Automotive Retailers Association

New Logo Announced at ARA AGM

Automotive Retailers Association Members were given first look at the new ARA logo during the 2012 Annual General Meeting & Convention in Kelowna on September 16th. In his expanded role as Director of Business Development and Marketing, Adrian Scovell presented the new logo in conjunction with a newly focused marketing and branding plan for the ARA. The plan, in alignment with ARA strategic objectives, will see the ARA continue its primary role to Industry while adding its brand to the consumer market. ARA members will benefit from a stronger voice as well as driving revenue as a preferred vendor.

Adrian explained how members businesses will benefit directly. “The plan involves combining the resources of our membership to make our logo prominent in the consumer market,” he said. “Simply put, to promote our association logo in all we do. We will use signs at shops, web links, and stickers on company vehicles, ads in print, etc. Together we have the resources to make a significant impact. The result being that the consumer will identify members as being the suppliers of choice. When a consumer chooses an ARA member over a competitor, it results in increased sales for our members.”

By driving excellence the ARA will drive sales, gain a stronger voice with Government, Industry and consumer alike. In so doing the association will attract more new members and build an even stronger brand and association. The size as an association gives it more resources at its fingertips.

“We can ‘get in the driver’s seat’ and choose to direct our own future,” said Adrian. “After all, if we are not driving our industry, who is?”

You can see full details in the upcoming issue of ARA News this fall.