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IT Issues? IT Solutions.

As technology advances in cars, it is also advancing in the office, which can make it hard to keep up. Especially with this year bringing such a technological shift in the way we do business online. “It has changed the landscape,” said Ed Anderson, managing director of Dyrand Systems Inc, explaining how since COVID-19, more businesses than ever rely on storing their data online. But with this convenience comes risks. Fortunately, Dyrand Systems Inc., ARA’s preferred supplier for IT solutions, is here for ARA members.

Dyrand Systems Inc. offers:

  • Exclusive member rates for Office 365 Manages Services
  • Exclusive member rates for Office 365 IT Services
  • 24/7/365 phone and remote control support
  • Emergency after-hours support
  • Unlimited on-site support when unable to repair remotely

“It’s not a one size fits all,” Ed said. “But a lot of members have some sort of accounting system in place and if they’re running it in-house on a server, making sure people can’t just get into that is pretty important.”

If you store confidential data of any kind—client information, credit card info, billing, and accounts, etc.—and do not have a security system to protect against cyberattacks, you run the risk of that information getting out. Ed said he has seen businesses go under this way, “We see it on a fairly regular basis with some of our clients.” He explained that without extra security—such as two-factor identification—a good hacker just needs to do a Google search of the company and get staff email addresses and even work out passwords through the information available online.

“Just last week someone got into a CFOs mailing account,” Ed said. “They then sent an email to the CEO saying they needed to transfer $190,000 to another account and it almost went through. It looked and felt as if the CFO had sent the email. It’s not like a body shop is sending $190,000 on whim, but that’s how it works.” He explained that hackers will study a company to make the communication and request seems legitimate.

“We can help clients depending on what they want and need,” Ed said. “Most of our clients aren’t computer-ept so they hire us because they don’t have this expertise in house.”

To discuss your company’s IT needs and if Dyrand can help, contact:

Ed Anderson
(604) 408-4415 ext: 323