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ICBC Makes Changes to Get Insurance System Back on Track

With vehicle collisions, injury claims, and legal and repair costs at an all-time high, ICBC is making changes to get the insurance system back on track in the interest of British Columbian motorists and the automotive industry.

As of September 1, ICBC will be moving to an insurance model that is more driver-based, meaning at-fault crashes will follow the driver, not the vehicle. This new model will affect both individual and fleet insurance plans and is a significant shift for British Columbians.

In an effort to improve customer experience, ICBC is making changes that will further improve fairness for first responders and help ease the transition for fleet drivers. The changes to this new model will ensure there are no personal impacts for first responders who cause a crash while attending an emergency. ICBC is also listening to fleet customers and is making changes to help them—and their employees—transition to the new model.

For more information download the Update to insurance rating model factsheet or go to or