Exclusive discount for ARA Members on new RPM Training

Automotive Retailers Association in partnership with the Results Performance Mastery offers an exclusive discount for our members.

Experience the latest in modern shop management training that is a result of 32 years of experience distilled into 3 Days. After 14 years of training and coaching, Murray knows what works and what doesn’t work, and how to get people past their roadblocks!

Service, Management And Results Training by Murray Voth

Training:        12 Modules in a 3-day session
February 28, March 28, April 25, 2019


Day One – February 28: What We Sell Disappears – Capturing What We Sell

1. Introduction – What Is Good Customer Service?
2. Managing the Paper and Communication Flow
3. Scheduling – Creating a Professional Practice
4. Dispatching – Analogue and Digital Work Flow

Day Two – March 28: What is A Fair Price? – Managing What We Sell

5. Client Consultation Process – Overcoming the Negative
6. Measuring and Managing Service and Parts
7. Creating Productivity & Efficiency in Time and Money
8. Getting Paid For Testing – Throw Out The Magic Wand

Day Three – April 25: What is Good Value? – Managing the Vehicle

9. Inspections – The Doctor is In!
10. Maintenance Programs – Planting A Crop for the Future!
11. The 400% Rule – The Deferred work cycle.
12. Conclusion – How To Make These Changes Stick!


$1299.00 per person plus GST $64.95 =$1363.95

  •  Members Take an additional $100 discount
  • Price includes lunches, beverages, and training material.
  • Implementing just one of the key chapters, shops can optimize their operation by 0.5 of a billed hour per technician per day.
    3 technicians X 0.5 Hour = 1.5 hours per day.
    1.5 hours X 21 days in a month = 31.5 hours.
    31.5 hours X $100 an hour = $3100.00
    You double your investment in savings in one month!


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