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Ensuring Sustainability with Performance Group

On November 28, the ARA hosted an introduction meeting for participants wishing to take place in an upcoming performance group. The performance group, managed by AutoHouse Technologies, Color Compass, and BASF, will help shops better measure, monitor, enable, and influence positive change to improve financial outcomes and ensure long-term sustainability.

“Shops have to look at how they perform in today’s complex world,” said David Ribeiro, collision division industry advisor. “You need experts to help guide the way. We have to get away from talking about rates and focus on maximizing throughput, becoming more profitable, and finding new ways of doing business.”

“Your success is our success,” said Trista Anger, BASF regional business manager, explaining how suppliers need body shops to thrive in order to thrive themselves and thus this performance group will help achieve this.

Change is inevitable and with technology advancing as quickly as it is, body shops have to keep up or they will not make it. The top performers will need the skills to implement change and to sustain profitability and this is achieved by aligning staff to common goals.

The performance group will meet three times a year with individual shops engaging in one-on-one monthly meetings with change management professionals—but also as engagement is encouraged, participating shops will have the opportunity to talk with the experts as often as they need. The performance group will allow participants to build skill sets, learn to reduce cycle time, and develop a clear understanding as to what it takes to maintain higher levels of customer service.

It is not too late to get involved. Contact David Ribeiro and start your 2020 by setting goals in order to see results!