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COVID-19 Updates

News – COVID-19 Sanitizing Products and PPE available to ARA Members

As COVID19 creates challenges for how we conduct “normal” business operations, the ARA is working on your behalf to help you do what is best for your business in these uncertain times. We are updating daily so check back often and if you have a question or a precautionary measure you would like to share, please contact us at

Please practice all recommended health and safety practices, it’s up to all of us to help keep everyone safe. Thank you.

Health and Safety Resources

As businesses return to work, please use the following WorkSafeBC resources when developing your COVID-19 plan:

Actions the ARA has taken

Questions the ARA is asking ICBC and government

  • Should the province go into further stages of lockdown, will the automotive service sector be declared an essential service and remain open? Answered: March 26, 2020 – B.C. Government includes towing services and vehicle repair/maintenance as essential services.
  • Will industry be able to bill for disinfecting services performed on customer vehicles? Answered: A vehicle sanitizing policy was introduced retro-active to April 1st that includes $39.76 once per supplier per claim with a further $20 fee for sanitizing courtesy and/or rental vehicles.
  • Is ICBC capable of deferring customer deductible payments to help encourage those customers who are in financially challenging times continue to receive their claim repairs? Answer at this point: ICBC was already investigating this potential, there is no ETA at this time as a solution is very complex.
  • The ARA has asked that ICBC assist industry with their cash flow needs by implementing weekly payment cycles vs every two weeks. Answer at this point: ICBC has taken this under consideration and will investigate however they do have concerns with stretching their own capabilities during these difficult times.
  • Some customers are unwilling to sign the estimate release due to COVID19 concerns, is ICBC open to other options such as using an email release? Answered: May 11, 2020  ICBC will allow alternative electronic methods for confirming the insured’s statement on estimates and invoices submitted for payment, provided customer consent is obtained.
  • As many of the schools, colleges, and universities are closing, do we foresee the same closures for I-Car courses? Answered: I-CAR Canada has cancelled all live classes now including welding. This is a big issue for shops that are just about to finish their training to achieve individual platinum to have Gold Class status. I-Car is now offering extensions, but the shops or enrolled technicians are asked to call into I-CAR (1-800-808-2920) to receive the extension. I-CAR will look at this case by case.
  • As this pandemic could last months, will ICBC recognize that many shops will experience delays in getting their technicians trained and ready for the new programs ahead?
  • Will the government potentially close down crown corporations such as ICBC? Answered: Not at this time.
  • Should claim centres close, is there an expectation that operations can or will continue as far as shops being able to process claims? Answered: ICBC is working to keep operations up and running as usual.
  • Is ICBC able to keep operations going with staff working from home?  i.e. Dial a Claim, Claims Repair Program? Answered: ICBC is continuing to take on new claims.

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