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COVID-19 Safety Plan

As we enter the second phase of reopening the province, every business must develop a COVID-19 Safety Plan that, in accordance with the order of the Provincial Health Officer, must be posted at a worksite. To facilitate this, the ARA reached out to WorkSafeBC who developed a planning tool that will guide you through a six-step process. Each step has checklists with items you need to address before resuming operations. You may use this document, or another document that meets your needs, to document your COVID-19 Safety Plan. The document can be downloaded and filled out digitally or printed out as a hardcopy for staff.

Six-step COVID-19 Safety Plan:

  • Step 1: Assess the risks at your workplace
  • Step 2: Implement protocols to reduce the risks
  • Step 3: Develop policies
  • Step 4: Develop communication plans and training
  • Step 5: Monitor your workplace and update your plans as necessary
  • Step 6: Assess and address risks from resuming operations

For more information, go to the ARA Health and Safety website.