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Auto Glass Industry Launches Petition

Automotive glass professionals have long understood their responsibility with regard to public safety. Repairs must maintain a vehicle’s structural integrity in order to protect the occupants in the event of an accident. More recent automotive technology, such as Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS), must be properly calibrated before the repair can be considered complete.

True auto glass professionals invest in the necessary equipment and training to ensure they are capable of performing a complete and safe repair. However, to offer auto glass services in British Columbia, there are no required standards.

The ARA Auto Glass Division believes it is irresponsible of the government to allow this, not only in consideration of public safety but also for the unbalanced marketplace it creates. Businesses that have not invested in the tools and training necessary can afford to offer their services at substantially lower prices but often with quality and safety concerns.

The ARA developed the Certified Automotive Glass Service (CAGS) program to distinguish the true professionals from the unqualified service providers.

Thus, a petition asking the B.C. government to require all businesses offering auto glass services to be held to this standard has been launched. The petition additionally seeks to ensure there is transparency and accountability by inviting representatives from government and ICBC to sit on the steering committee of the CAGS program.

The ARA Auto Glass Division invites everyone to get involved, whether you own the business, work in the business, or are related to someone in the business. This is about ensuring qualified people are repairing our vehicles. Lives depend on it!

Let’s show the government this industry is concerned. Download the petition here. Once signed you can either scan it up and email or mail it to:

Unit 1 – 8980 Fraserwood Court
Burnaby, B.C.
V5J 5H7.