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ARA’s Towing Division Launches Red Lights Petition

The ARA’s towing and recovery division has launched a petition aimed at allowing tow trucks to display flashing red lights. The hope is that this will raise public awareness of tow operators working roadside and reduce the number of incidents involving towers and passing motorists.

Recently, the government of Manitoba adopted regulation allowing their trucks to be equipped with two red flashing lights. Towers in British Columbia are optimistic that the B.C. government will see this example and follow suit.

“Vehicle flashing warning lights should serve two primary functions,” said Ken Hendricks, ARA’s towing and recovery advisor. “Attract the attention of motorists to alert them of the situation they are approaching and provide motorists with information about the situation so they can take appropriate action to mitigate risks. However, as seen in past tragic incidents, amber lights are not doing enough to keep tow operators safe.”

Let’s show the government the towing and recovery industry is concerned. Download the petition here. Once signed you can either scan it up and email or mail it to:

Unit 1 – 8980 Fraserwood Court
Burnaby, B.C.
V5J 5H7.