ARA News: Raising the ARA and Member Profile

Embarking on an expanded public and media relations campaign will augment the current activity of our association.

by Ken McCormack

The last edition of ARA News included an article that summarized the strategic planning process that your board undertakes each year so that it can best understand the factors that affect our industry. These factors can be positive or negative in terms of their impact, and it is the ARA Board of Directors’ responsibility to identify strategies to either take advantage of the opportunities or mitigate the risks identified. These strategies become the ARA’s priorities for the year, and our staff develops plans to address each of those priorities.

This year, the board endorsed the existing strategic plan’s focus on accreditation program development; access to labour; ensuring appropriate investment of association resources; improving relationships with key partners; and improving association and profile with the public and our partners…

This article originally appeared in the Q3 2016 issue of ARA News. Click here to read the rest of the article.