ARA News: ARA Strategic Plan

Securing the future of B.C.’s automotive businesses and demonstrating our leadership in the industry.

Last year, the ARA Board of Directors set the ARA on a course designed to demonstrate the industry’s leadership capabilities in a number of areas. As an industry, we have much to be proud of in terms of what we do to service our customer needs and safeguard the motoring public. We can also be proud of our members’ commitment to operate their businesses in an efficient and responsible manner.

The ARA Board of Directors considered the current value chain in the automotive sector in B.C., which shows industry service providers working to meet their business requirements of efficiency and profitability in an environment heavily controlled by government regulation and insurance company revenue expectations. None of this should come as a surprise to any of you, but through the dedicated advocacy work of your association, the government has recognized the value of a greater partnership with industry, and it is looking for ways to balance the regulation or ownership of industry development with the ARA and its members…

This article originally appeared in the 2nd Quarter 2016 issue of ARA News. Click here to view the entire article.