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ARA Encourages Membership to Sign CFIB Petition

ARA Members,

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) recently made other associations like the ARA aware of the funded position of WorkSafeBC.

According to the research they conducted, WorkSafeBC has been extremely successful in keeping costs low and maximizing its revenue. The economy has been strong, and they have managed to see decent returns on their investments. The net result is a very healthy balance sheet.

While we accept that our member businesses and their employees are better for the recent efforts of WorkSafeBC, we must agree that with such a healthy financial position, our members businesses have been overpaying on their premiums and should be eligible for a significant refund and a reduction in premiums going forward.

The ARA encourages you to sign and submit to WorkSafeBC, the petition that the CFIB is circulating.


Ken McCormack
President & CEO

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