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Adesa Auction Raises $17,200 for ARFI

The 2019 ARA AGM was one of the best ever and of the many highlights, the auction hosted by Adesa on Saturday night really stood out.

Not only did the auction raise money for the Automotive Retails Foundation Inc. (ARFI), which offers scholarships and bursaries to young professionals pursuing careers in the automotive industry, it also made for great entertainment! Marc Bergevin and John MacDonald from Adesa knew just how to engage the audience and put on a great show.

Marc Bergevin and John MacDonald auctioning off a mystery box.

The auction opened with a houseboat rental in the Shuswap. The boat will make for a great holiday for Liam Brennan from Jill’s Towing next summer as he won the first auction item with a final bid of $3,300. Next up for travel excursions was a last-minute Victoria adventure that Nairn McKenna of Company of Cars won with a final bid of $1,250.

Mike Carlassara, True-line Autobody, stayed true to his tradition of bidding on Canuck tickets each year and won them for $2,000. Chris Logan of Roadway Towing took a chance on a mystery box and won it for $1,800 but chose to hang on and open it later so the contents remain a mystery. Nairn was also the highest bidder on a basket of wine at $650. And Cody Darby, Western Canada Remarketing,—who put on his own auction for ARFI earlier this year—won a Mercedes-Benz G63 6×6 ride-on car for his son to drive.

Jace demonstrating the Mercedes-Benz G63 6×6 ride-on car.

The big twist of the night was the bidding war between Dan Bird of Totem Towing and Al Cameron of Bluenose Motors over a mountain bike donated by Rob Libera of Blue Star Motors. Al, who has won a bike every year for the past three years, was specifically told by his wife, “no more bikes.” So, it was looking good for him when Dan placed the highest bid of $2,000. But then, surprise! John rode out on a second bike revealing that there was, in fact, two bikes up for auction resulting in both Dan and Al winning one. Even if Al’s wife said no, it was all in the name of the foundation and Al’s donation was greatly appreciated, as was everybody else’s.

Darcy Griffith of Oliver Auto Recycling honoured the B-CAR division by donating two pieces of art, which he then generously bought back for $1,600. Then, just when everyone thought the auction was over, there was an outcry to bid on the socks that John and Marc had simply been handing out. The auction went on and more than a few members went home with a set of $100 socks, proving just how generous the members are when it comes to donating to the foundation.

In total, the auction raised $17,200 for ARFI, exceeding last year’s record. This combined with a $5,000 donation from Lordco for the annual Ed Coates memorial scholarship, $2,000 donated by the auto recycling division, $1,000 from the auto glass division, and $3,000 generated from the ARA’s annual golf tournament, means that ARFI is on track to give away even more than the $28,000 it gave away this year in scholarships and bursaries.

Marc and John did a terrific job for a great cause. A big thank you goes to Adesa for not only conducting the auction but also donating most of the prizes and Rob Libera for donating not one but two mountain bikes.