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2020 B.C. Provincial Election News

On September 21, 2020, B.C. Premier John Horgan announced that British Columbians would be going to the polls a year early to vote. This is an opportunity to choose who we want leading our government in these troubled times. Check back here often for the latest news on the election.

October 21, 2020

BC announces a record-high of 203 new cases of COVID-19 and the 1st outbreak at a BC school:

Andrew Wilkinson was in Delta to discuss his Massey bridge promise:

Horgan spent time in the Liberal stronghold riding of Abbotsford:

Sonia Furstenau made the pitch for a minority government yesterday:

October 20, 2020

In the final days of the campaign, the NDP are pushing hard to unseat the Greens:

The BC Liberals are trying to defend against the Conservative vote, which has proven fatal in the past:

BC Liberals accuse NDP of taking advantage of COVID-19 to suppress votes:

October 19, 2020

Andrew Wilkinson promises transportation and infrastructure and more mental health services in Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows:

Sonia Furstenau promises to convert BC Ferries back into a Crown corporation:

Horgan continues to defend candidate Nathan Cullen after he made disparaging remarks about a First Nations BC Liberal candidate:

October 18, 2020

NDP candidate Nathan Cullen is under fire for comments made about a Haida BC Liberal candidate while a microphone was live and he didn’t realize:

Horgan and Wilkinson focus on the North Island over the weekend. Wilkinson held a forestry rally, while Horgan talks wild salmon:

Former BC Liberal candidate Laurie Throness continuing on as an independent:

October 15, 2020

The BC Green party released their plan for a more equitable and sustainable BC. Highlights include:

  • Support for small business owners by helping with rent payments through the winter;
  • A new grant for those facing unaffordable rents as part of ensuring everyone has affordable housing;
  • Better quality care and an end to the privatization of our long-term seniors’ care;
  • Supporting young families with affordable childcare, income for stay at home parents, and more flexible work arrangements;
  • Implementing principles of basic income into our social safety net;
  • A green recovery from COVID-19 with an ambitious climate plan at its centre.

A highlight of note in the Green platform pertinent to industry: “Stimulus spending should target opportunities to correct the underrepresentation of certain genders or demographics in specific sectors, such as caring professions and trades.”

October 13, 2020

The BC Liberals party have unveiled their full election platform document the morning before the leader’s televised debate at 6:30 pm this evening. Highlights of the plan include:

  • Elimination of the Provincial Sales tax (PST) for one year;
  • An end to tent cities and more support for people experiencing homelessness;
  • Help for seniors to stay at home longer and access to their own private room when they require long term care;
  • Real $10-a-day child care and more affordable, accessible child care for those who need it;
  • An end to the ICBC monopoly so drivers have choice and more affordable auto insurance rates;
  • Infrastructure investments like a 10-lane George Massey Tunnel replacement bridge, a new Richmond Hospital acute care tower, and a new second Surrey hospital; and
  • More police, prosecutors, and mental health workers to make our streets and communities safer.

A highlight of note in the Liberal platform pertinent to industry: “Bring trades competency into the school system, and expand secondary school trades programs to begin credentialing earlier.”

October 7, 2020

The BC NDP party have released their full campaign platform document. Some of the highlights include:

  • A one-time $1,000 direct deposit to families whose household income is under $125,000 annually – with a sliding scale up to $175,000.
  • A one-time $500 direct deposit to single people earning less than $62,000 annually – with a sliding scale up to $87,000.
  • Free transit passes on TransLink and B.C. Transit for children up to the age of 12.
  • A freeze on rent increases until the end of 2021. The freeze will not apply if a renter has already signed a new lease that contains a rent increase from the previous year.
  • The return of the 2017 election promise for a $400 “renter’s rebate,” though this version is watered down to only apply for “income-tested” households earning up to $80,000 annually that don’t currently receive any other rent supports.
  • A “fast-track” toward decriminalization of simple possession of drugs, with a promise to develop a “made-in-B.C. solution” if Ottawa does not act.
  • A new income-tested incentive on purchasing electric vehicles.

A highlight of note in the NDP platform pertinent to industry: “The BC Liberals left British Columbia as the only province without a compulsory trades system – meaning the person hooking up gas pipes to a new office tower, for example, isn’t required to complete an apprenticeship and get red seal certified. We
will restore the compulsory trades system to improve safety and give more workers access to apprenticeships that develop their skills for the work ahead.”

October 5, 2020

BC election delays financial aid promised by the provincial government for struggling businesses:

Polls show a strong NDP lead but undecided numbers remain high:

The BC NDP announce drivers will get a rebate from ICBC at the end of the crown corporation’s fiscal year. Earlier this year, the Attorney General said customers would benefit should ICBC’s net income results perform better than predicted

John Horgan says he will legislate net-zero carbon emissions by 2050:

October 2, 2020

NDP Leader John Horgan has pledged to expand B.C. access grants if re-elected and add 2,000 more spaces for technology programs:

A B.C. Liberal government will impose a “provincial mandate” on local governments to prevent 24-hour camping in urban parks, leader Andrew Wilkinson says:

The BC Greens have released details on their first platform pledge in the 2020 snap election, focusing on the most vulnerable in the ongoing pandemic: seniors in long-term care. Greens have promised to move away from the for-profit care home model:

September 29, 2020

Wilkinson defends proposed PST tax cut, saying there will be deficit spending for a few years to come and that no other services will be cut as a result of the expensive promise:

Horgan re-announces new Coquitlam school:

Sonia Furstenau accuses John Horgan of politicizing new Cowichan hospital:

September 25, 2020

Liberal leader Andrew Wilkinson says he would scrap B.C.’s speculation tax in favour of a new capital gains tax on condo presales. NDP Leader John Horgan criticized Wilkinson for his proposal, saying the speculation tax has encouraged owners to put their properties up for rent, improving vacancy rates in areas like Metro Vancouver.

Early polling shows the race has tightened between the BC NDP and BC Liberals and John Horgan’s decision to call an early election was greeted unfavourably by 58% of those polled. As Vaughn Palmer points out, polling numbers can change dramatically over the life of a campaign.

September 21, 2020

Announced today, British Columbians will go to the polls for a provinicial election on October 24 to determine who should lead us in these troubled times. The ARA will keep members updated on information for industry as it arises.

“The pandemic will be with us for a year or more,” John Horgan said, “That’s why I believe we need to have an election now. We can either delay that decision and create uncertainty and instability over the next 12 months, more speculation, more talk about what might be, or, we can do what I believe is always this right thing: Ask British Columbians what they think.”