2016 ARA Member of the Year: Paul Schwartz

ARFI chairman recognized for great accomplishment.

Every year, the Member of the Year award is presented at the ARA AGM Awards Banquet to the individual who put tremendous effort into the Association over the previous year.

For 2016, the ARA board of directors chose to recognize Paul Schwartz (Paul W. Schwartz Law Corporation) for the significant contribution he made to both the Automotive Retailers Association and the Automotive Retailers Foundation Inc (ARFI). Paul is the current chairman of the ARFI board of directors, which handed out six scholarships and bursaries to students pursuing post-secondary education in the automotive trades this year.


2016 ARA Member of the Year, Paul Schwartz and ARA Past Chairman, Ed Hendricks

The ARA would like to thank Paul for his dedication to the Association and congratulate him on his accomplishments.

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