Compulsory Trade Certification

A vehicle repaired incorrectly is not just bad for business, it has the potential to cause harm to the driver and those they share the road with. Thus, Compulsory trade certification is a way to elevate professionalism and ensure that vehicles are maintained and repaired by an automotive technician qualified to do so. It enhances the customer’s experience by letting them know they can trust the professional servicing their vehicle and improves the reputation of the automotive industry.

This past September the Honorable Melanie Mark, minister of advanced education, skills and training, stated during the ARA AGM that while the initiative of compulsory trade certification has merit, more is required of the ARA in order for government to make this issue a priority. Specifically, Minister Mark suggested that industry make their case by lobbying local MLAs, creating stakeholder synergies, and providing necessary data to support the need for compulsory trade certification.

B.C. is the only province within Canada that does not have a compulsory trade designation, despite the assumption that technicians (mechanical, collision, and glass) are certified as qualified, and properly tooled and trained. For this program to gain traction, it will require political influence. To obtain that influence we need members to meet with their local MLA’s through a grassroots campaign.

The materials below provide an opportunity to exercise a high level of influence on the outcome of this program. In certain ridings, we have identified key MLAs that carry specific influence within government and would recommend a face-to-face meeting. More work still needs to be done to develop an industry position but the dialogue needs to begin before mid-February when the MLAs are back in session.

What you can do?

Review the compulsory trades overview here and download the letter to your local MLA, fill in the details, and email it to your local MLA here. Or contact Industry Advisors David Ribeiro or Ken Hendricks for more information.

We hope to hear from you as you offer your support for this grassroots campaign.