Skilled Trades Certification Coming to B.C.

The Automotive Retailers Association (ARA) applauds today’s announcement by the B.C. government that skilled trades certification is coming to the province in the near future. The association has long-advocated for skilled trades certification for the automotive repair sector, citing that British Columbia is the only Canadian province that does not already have such requirements in place.

The ARA states that automotive technology has advanced to the point where no one should be allowed to offer automotive repair and service without the proper training and qualifications, and believes that most British Columbians would be surprised to learn that no such requirements exist in the province at this time.

“If two cars are approaching each other on the highway, going 120 km/h, they are really approaching one another at 240 km/h, which is the speed of a Formula 1 race car and, at present, there is no requirement that whoever fixed the brakes on either of those vehicles is certified in the trade,” said ARA President and CEO, Adrian Scovell. “It’s crazy to think that there is no requirement for a person servicing your vehicle to be certified in any way.”

skilled trades certification survey
The ARA encourages everyone to have their say in support of the program.

Modern vehicles are equipped with an array of advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS)—automatic braking, lane-departure warning, and other collision avoidance technology—designed to improve safety. However, these systems are complex and require a much higher skill level to repair and service. As motorists come to depend on these systems, it is imperative that they are functioning as designed, which requires technicians to be properly trained.

In today’s announcement, automotive mechanical repair and collision repair have been recognized as skilled trades, requiring service providers to be properly certified.

“This is one of the biggest breakthroughs we’ve ever been a part of as the association representing the automotive sector,” said Scovell, who explained that skilled trades status for mechanical and collision repair will add value to trades jobs and elevate the level of professionalism within the industry.

“By elevating the status of the automotive trades, more young professionals will be attracted to the industry, ensuring a skilled workforce for the future, and recognizing technicians’ skills so they can access good-paying, stable employment. A skilled trades certification system will restore respect for trades, put the ‘skill’ back in ‘skilled trades,’ and, with it, respect for skilled trades people.”

Scovell added, “Skilled trades certification offers a chance for students training for a first job, those retraining for a new reality, those born here, and those who have chosen to live here, to be a part of reigniting the engine of a vibrant B.C. economy as we come out of this pandemic.”

The ARA looks forward to continuing to work with the government in support of skilled trades certification.

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An online survey is now open to anyone who wishes to provide their perspective on the opportunities and challenges skilled trades certification may bring to individuals and employers. As well, B.C. residents can register to participate in public roundtables.

The ARA encourages everyone to have their say in support of the program. Learn more at

ARA president & CEO Adrian Scovell on the Stirling Faux Show on CKNW, June 13, 2021, discussing skilled trades certification