ARA and RoadSafetyBC Collaborate for Major Upgrades to Lien Regulation

The ARA and RoadSafetyBC Spearhead Progressive Updates in Vehicle Impoundment

The ARA is pleased to announce a significant update to the Lien on Impounded Motor Vehicle Regulation (Lien Regulation) in collaboration with RoadSafetyBC. We are proud to share that this development is a culmination of our years-long partnership with RoadSafetyBC, working to implement much-needed improvements to the program. Our close collaboration with the Government of British Columbia, specifically the Hon. Minister Farnworth, has played a pivotal role in achieving these advancements. In our ongoing mission to drive positive change, we are committed to pushing our industry forward, ensuring that advancements like these not only benefit our members but contribute to the overall growth and development of the automotive sector.


The Superintendent of Motor Vehicles is updating the Lien on Impounded Motor Vehicle Regulation (Lien Regulation) to include new services to provide relief to impound lot operators (ILOs) as work on the broader rate analysis continues.

Effective March 4, 2024, ILOs may bill for standby, recovery, loading and securing, clean up and additional services (in lieu of dollies) required; additional details are included below. Vehicles impounded on or after March 4, 2024, are eligible for the additional service charges. Vehicles impounded prior to March 4, 2024, must be calculated using the lien rates in effect at the time the vehicle was impounded.  These rates do not include standby, recovery, loading and securing, clean up or additional services (in lieu of dollies) required..

Services added to the Lien Regulation align with the results of the rates survey conducted in Fall 2023.  Additional services selected reflect the services that ILOs provide most frequently and have the most financial impact on an ILO’s business.

A printable web form invoice is available on the RoadSafetyBC ILO webpage; however, due to low interest, we have discontinued the paper copies of the Vehicle Impoundment Invoice booklets (MV2714).

Note: There may be a delay to the Lien Regulation update on the BC Laws website, please refer to RoadSafetyBC website for up-to-date rate information.

As a reminder, ILOs are required to bill according to the services and rates set out in the Lien Regulation for towing and storage to facilitate vehicle impoundments authorized by the Motor Vehicle Act.  Please refer to the Vehicle Impoundment Calculator found on the Impound Lot Operator webpage, located under the forms and procedure manuals tab, if you wish to confirm that your billing is accurate.

Questions and feedback can be directed to the ILO Program at, or call 236-455-1932 within the Lower Mainland (toll free: 844-455-1932) during business hours.

Service Category Description

Standby: When an operator is instructed to wait with the truck before transporting or towing a vehicle.
Recovery: When the operator must relocate a vehicle to make it possible to safely secure it for transport.
Loading and Securing: When an operator secures a vehicle before transporting, including but not limited to:

  • securing one or more doors or loose parts on a vehicle;
  • applying a protective tarp or similar covering to a vehicle;
  • in the case of an electric vehicle, disconnecting a battery, fuse or quick connect in the vehicle;
  • loading a vehicle that is missing one or more tires or wheels; or,
  • loading the burnt vehicle.

Additional Services: When the operator uses a method, other than a dollie, to protect a vehicle during transport.
Clean-up: When an operator cleans or collects debris, parts, fluids or similar matters before transporting a vehicle.