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Unlicensed Motor Dealers/Curbers

June 18, 2012

The Issue: Unlicensed motor dealers put the public at risk and create unfair competition for legitimate licensed motor dealers. Unlicensed motor dealers, also known as curbers, acquire vehicles and sell them to consumers from parking lots or curbsides. They do not follow government-mandated regulations, which are in place to protect the consumer, and they create a public risk. Curbers also unfairly compete with regulated, Vehicle Sales Authority (VSA) licensed dealers. VSA dealers comply with all government-mandated regulations.

The Impact: Consumers who purchase vehicles from a curber are at risk. Such vehicles may have had their odometers spun back, they may have been in a previously undisclosed accident (making them unsafe), they may be stolen, they may have a lien against them, or they could be from outside the province or country. In addition, if something goes wrong with the vehicle, the consumer has nowhere to turn for assistance or support.

Aside from putting the public at risk, curbers also harm legitimate, VSA licensed dealers. They do not file income tax returns, they do not pay tax, and they are not registered for the GST. This creates an unfair playing field for responsible dealers that provide a safe, professional service to the public. Curbing operations also damages the economy as a whole, since they deprive the government of taxes revenue ear marked for public programs and services.

ARA Position: The ARA campaigns to distinguish its members from unlicensed motor dealers and encourages the public to purchase vehicles only from a licensed VSA dealer. All our members are licensed by the VSA.

  • The ARA continues to be a vital part of efforts to improve the industry. The Independent Motor Dealers Division (LMD) was instrumental in the formation of the VSA, and occupies two seats on the board to this day.
  • The ARA participates along with the VSA in outreach and education initiatives designed to increase public awareness about curbers.
  • The ARA’s represents the interests of our independent licensed dealer and the used car industry with respect to the VSA, to all levels of government, and to ICBC on relevant matters of policy. We also work with our colleagues in the New Car Dealers Association (NCDA), Recreation Vehicle Dealers Association (RVDA), and the Motor Vehicle Sales Authority (MVSA) to improve the industry for both the public and our members.

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