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Mandatory Vehicle Inspection Program for B.C.

July 25, 2013

The issue: The ARA is proposing that government consider the implementation of a mandatory vehicle inspection program. The province of B.C. does require that any vehicle imported from out of province and being registered in this province must first pass a safety inspection, however there is no similar requirement for vehicles bought and sold here. Further, in the province of B.C. there are no technician licensing requirements and we are witnessing a proliferation of non-trades qualified mechanics operating in the province.

More than 22 U.S. states and five Canadian provinces have implemented some form of mandatory inspection program for privately owned and operated vehicles.

The Impact: While no single study can conclusively establish a direct causal link between mandatory inspections and a reduction in traffic fatalities there is enough literature and cumulative data to support the position that mandatory inspections do contribute to road safety. Moreover, in jurisdictions where there are mandatory inspection programs such programs are supported by the general public, who perceive them as contributing to their personal safety.     After reviewing all available data for serious accidents involving vehicles with pre-existing safety defects and/or malfunctions we believe that there is sufficient evidence to support that these represent a contributing factor in traffic accidentsand therefore the implementation of a mandatory vehicle safety inspection program as part of an over-all road safety strategy is warranted.

ARA Position: The ARA proposes that the government implement a mandatory vehicle inspection program similar to that of Manitoba and Newfoundland whereby a provincial safety inspection is required for all privately owned vehicles upon sale or transfer of ownership.

Further, with the scheduled closure of the Air Care program the ARA proposes that an Air Care component (testing for MIL illumination) be introduced to the provincial safety inspections manual.