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What are the requirements for having an informal or formal health and safety plan?

Requirements for workplace health and safety programs can be found in section 3 of the OHS regulations:

An occupational health and safety program, as outlined in section 3.3 of the OHS regulations, must be initiated and maintained by any employer that has:

(i) a workforce of 20 or more workers, and

(ii) at least one workplace that is determined under section 3.16 (2) (b) to create a moderate or high risk of injury, or

(b) by each employer that has a workforce of 50 or more workers.

Despite subsection (1), an occupational health and safety program may be required in any workplace when, in the opinion of an officer, such a program is necessary.

For companies less than 20 employees a less formal program must be maintained and include the following:

a)     regular monthly meetings with workers for discussion of health and safety matters

b)    ensure that meetings are directed to matters concerning the correction of unsafe conditions and practices and the maintenance of cooperative interest in the health and safety of the workforce, and

c)     maintain a record of the meetings and the matters discussed.

For ARA member companies that currently operate without any formal or informal health and safety plan, or for companies that have a plan but wish to upgrade to a COR compatible plan (more about the COR program below), the ARA has developed the necessary tools to help you. Hiring an independent consultant to develop a small or large employer manual can cost you thousands of dollars. The ARA has developed two COR compatible safety programs along the necessary forms and templates:

a) A small business H&S manual complete with the necessary forms and templates (less than 20 employees)

b) A large employer H&S manual (more than 20 employees) complete with the necessary forms and templates.

You have two options to customize your own manual.

Option (1): download the fillable word document for either the small employer manual or the large employer manual. In the space provided, fill in your company name. Then, save and print to hard copy.

Click here for the download instructions for the Small Employer Manual.

Click here for the download instructions for the Large Employer Manual.

You will need to do the same for the supplementary resources on the Forms, Templates, and Tools page.

Option (2):

ARP can customize a company manual with your logo and brand for you to purchase.

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