Organizational Structure

Structure of the ARA

The Automotive Retailers Association has eight divisions, each representing a different segment of the independent automotive industry. Each division has an elected chairperson and an executive committee, all of whom are members and business owners themselves.

Each division executive committee appoints a person to represent that division on the ARA board of directors, ensuring that each division has at least one representative on the ARA Board that is knowledgeable on that division’s issues and priority interests. The remainder of the ARA board of directors is comprised of a chairperson, two vice chairpersons, and a secretary-treasurer, all of whom are members that are elected by the general membership present during the Association’s Annual General Meeting and Convention. The immediate past-chairperson also occupies a seat on the board of directors.

Whether members serve on a division executive committee or on the ARA board itself, they all volunteer their time to work on issues pertinent to their respective division and the industry, and provide guidance to appropriate ARA staff.

The ARA staff consists of the president & CEO, a controller, director of industry development, an industry relations advisor for each division, and support staff. The ARA Group Insurance Plan is managed by a director of business development and marketing and our own administrative team. The ARA Publishing Company consists of a publisher/editor and a design/production professional.