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Bob Clarke served the ARA for many years. He was tireless in working to build a viable automotive industry in B.C. He was, to many, the one who helped them get a start, the much-needed helping hand in beginning a career. He saw the potential in people and helped them to achieve that potential. I’ve heard stories of how Bob encouraged, inspired, and helped fund training. When he left the ARA, the Board created the Bob Clarke Memorial Scholarship in his name. It was the first scholarship the Association awarded.

In 2018, two more memorial scholarships were added: Ed Coates (Lordco) and William (Willie) Freeburn (Payless Glass). These gentlemen did not forget where they came from and worked hard to build B.C.’s automotive industry. Many people owe them for their first job, training, skills and a career to support themselves and their families. It is not too surprising that even after their passing their names continue to do so.

And, in 2019, industry support for the ARFI continued to grow, with four new bursaries introduced.

The Automotive Retailers Foundation Inc. (ARFI) is a registered charitable foundation in Canada. The mission of the Automotive Retailers Foundation Inc. is to “engage in the receipt of donations and to conduct charitable activities in Canada for the purpose of advancing education and relieving poverty in Canada, specifically with respect to the automotive trades sector”. Among its other activities, the ARFI provides for bursaries and scholarships to aid students and prospective students in automotive trades training.  The bursaries aid low-income individuals enrolled in a post-secondary automotive repair and service training-program. The scholarship(s) recognizes and awards academic achievement.

Thanks for the generous support of our donors, the foundation has announced two new scholarship awards and four new bursaries. The total amount available for 2019 is $20,000.00.

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Apprentice Scholarships:

Training, Education & Career Advancement Bursary (Four to be awarded):

New for 2019, this bursary provides up to $2000 for continuing education tuition related to an automotive career. To be eligible, applicants must have graduated from secondary school. The training / education applied for must be offered through a recognized training facility/provider and relate to some aspect of the Automotive Industry in B.C.

Please email your application to or mail it to:
Automotive Retailers Foundation Inc.
1-8980 Fraserwood Court
Burnaby, BC, V5J 5H7

The Foundation Board Members are all volunteers who give of their own time and expertise. They have worked together to help people wishing to enter the automotive industry develop the skills to get their first job, start or continue a career, and support their families in the future.

The Foundation Board is comprised of: Marc Bergevin – Chairman (ADESA), Nairn McKenna (Company of Cars), Mubasher Faruki (BCIT), Alyn Edwards (Peak Communications), Scott Waddle (Precision Auto Service). Their volunteer time and energy are what makes the ARFI successful and in this case will benefit students, and people in need, for a long time to come.

Video: 2017 Automotive Retailers Foundation Awards