Q. What is the ARA?

A. The ARA is the voice of the automotive service industry in British Columbia. We have been proudly driving industry excellence for over six decades. Our core commitments are:

  • Industry advocacy and leadership
  • Knowledge and information
  • Industry training
  • Business excellence

Please visit About the ARA for more information.

Q. Who are the ARA’s members?

A. The ARA represents the automotive aftermarket and service industry. ARA members include both small businesses and big chains across eight divisions including PowerSport Dealers, Licensed Motor Dealers, Towing, Collision Repair, Mechanical Repair, B.C. Auto Recyclers, Auto Rental and Auto Glass. To see the contacts for each division, please click here.

Q. Why should I join?

A. The ARA advocates on behalf of the automotive service industry with key bodies such as ICBC, WorkSafe, and government. With a stronger collective voice, the ARA is able to improve automotive industry standards to the benefit of both the industry and the public. In addition to advocacy and ensuring your voice is heard, members also benefit from:

  • Networking
  • The Group Benefits Plan (built for small automotive businesses)
  • Cost saving programs and discounted rates
  • Marketing services
  • Education and training
  • Access to the Inventory Broadcast Program (which allows car dealers to broadcast their inventory to key media outlets)
  • And much more…

Even if you don’t have the time to be actively involved, just by being a member you are supporting the association’s activities and contributing toward making our industry stronger. For a closer look at membership benefits click here.

Q. What does membership cost?

A. There are two types of ARA membership: Full Membership and Associate Membership. The annual Full Membership fee ranges from $480 to $1080, depending on the number of employees in your business. The annual Associate Membership fee is $750. Most members agree that the cost saving benefits they receive offset the actual membership costs. To read more about which membership is right for your business, please click here.

Q. How long has the ARA been around?

A. The ARA was created in 1951, and has been driving excellence in the automotive service industry for over six decades. For more on the ARA’s history, please click here.

Q. Which stakeholders does the ARA liaise with?

A. The ARA liaises with any stakeholder, governing body or government organization that impacts the automotive service industry. Key examples include (to name a few):