Pre-Register for EVfriendly Program

EVfriendly will be soon launching a certification program to prepare the automotive industry for the proliferation of zero-emission vehicles. This program is designed to help automotive businesses adopt to rapidly evolving technologies and instill confidence with consumers driving electric or plug-in hybrid vehicles. The goal of the EVfriendly program is to assure these customers that their vehicle will be properly serviced and cared for by trained and qualified industry professionals.

The program covers the complete electric vehicle lifecycle, including point of sale, towing and recovery, service and repair, and end-of-life processes, including topics such as safety protocols for working on or near electric vehicles, hazards and emergency response, high-voltage battery storage, or common maintenance issues. The program offers training, support, and certification status for licensed motor dealers, towing and recovery companies, collision and mechanical repair facilities, and the vehicle dismantling and recycling industry.

Business owners and managers can now pre-register their shop for the EVfriendly certification program and qualify for a very special early bird price on the registration fee. There is no obligation or commitment made by pre-registering. Your pre-registration means you will be notified when full registration is open, so you can get a head start, and at the special price. Decide at that time whether to proceed.

About EVfriendly program

The EVfriendly certification program is part of a larger group of stakeholders referred to as the ZEV Alliance. The ZEV Alliance was formed to bring individual organizations under common identity of “EVfriendly” certified suppliers to support the government’s 2040 ZEV mandate about all new vehicles being electric by 2040. 

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